Alella Vinícola

We are a family winery where two brothers perform the tasks of managing the winery, from planting the vineyards up to the commercialization.

Alella Vinícola is a family winery established in 1906 in the heart of the D.O. Alella, only 15 kilometers away from Barcelona.

We produce around 90.000 bottles each year of a dozen different wines and we also have several activities related to the world of wine and gastronomy. We also have our own restaurant located in the art nouveau winery designed by Jeroni Martorell, disciple of Antoni Gaudí.

Marfil has been the emblematic brand of the cellar since the 20’s, during the 20th century it has been the white wine of Barcelona and exported worldwide.

We continue producing the wines that for a hundred years have defined the style of the D.O. (white wines made with “Pansa Blanca” and White Grenache),  we have recovered winemaking methods that had been completely forgotten (generous and sweet wines) and we are innovating and reinventing the region through radically original wines never produced in the area  before (high quality sparkling wines with D.O. Alella)