For 20 years all the grapes that come into our cellar is free of herbicides, insecticides and inorganic fertilizers. The vineyard treatments are based on Sulfur, Copper and sexual confusion pheromones. We allow for the plants and herbs to grow so that the roots retain the granitic sandy soil and to avoid the erosion of the terraces. Furthermore with the life cycle of the herbs we help the soil giving it structure and nutrients.

Both in the winery and in the vineyard we are committed to minimize the environmental harmful effects that any food and beverage company can generate with:

  • Sustainable agriculture and ecologic in nature.
  • Reusing the biological by-products of vegetable origin, closing the cycles of C and N returning in an adequate manner the by-products generated in the winery and in the vineyard: vegetable leftovers, stems and gross lees.
  • Residual water treatment to minimize the biologic charge through biologic agents
  • Minimizing as much as possible the use of non renewable energies with new and good practices both in the vineyard and in the winery. Also the use of water in the winery.
  • The majority of supplies and raw materials that enter the cellar have to be totally
  • We work alongside providers that are committed to minimizing the harmful materials for the wellbeing of the environment
  • Boost local sales as much as possible.