They are located in different valleys of Alella, El Masnou, Teià and Tiana. The vast majority settled on the skirts of the “Serralada litoral” all of them facing the sea. We have recovered peri-urban old vineyards that were practically abandoned.

The topographical slope has forced us to terrace our estates, we allow for all of the plant species to grow and allow local fauna, we don’t use under any circumstances herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilizers. Only products authorized for ecological viticulture: pheromones, sulfur and copper to face insects and fungus.

The productions never exceed 4.000Kg/hectare due to the climatologic nature and to the low production of the vegetable clones. Each wine proceeds from a specific parcel harvested with the right ripeness.

We work with the traditional varieties of the area: Pansa Blanca, White Grenache and Red Grenache. We have also introduced the Syrah variety.