Stunnig vermouth made with white Pansa blanca.



Additional information


Vinya Rials


Maritime Mediterranean


Granites (“sauló”)


100 % Pansa Blanca

Vine aged

35 years

Height and exposition

100 m, EST


Royat doble


organic without herbicide, insecticide and inorganic fertilizers


32 Hl


18 months 500 liter barrels (French oak)


15,0 % vol.

Residual sugar

85 g/l

Annual Production

5.000 bottles

Alella Vinícola is the cellar whose wines have brought renown to the town of Alella since 1906. We currently produce, make and bottle wines and cavas in two designations of origin,named D.O. ALELLA and D.O. CAVA.

Like the cellar itself, most of the vineyards we use are located in the centre of the town of Alella, the heart of the designation origin, 15 kilometres to the north of the city of Barcelona. We market wines, rich wines,sweet wines and cavas under different brandnames, such as MARFIL, IVORI, VALLMORA and VIOLETA. Our wines are characterised by the Mediterranean climate, the area’s singular geological nature and the striking traits of the varieties typical of our designated origin.

Our goal: to produce the finest vermouth made from the finest wine. We used the Pansa blanca we grow in Alella for our great white wines. We hand selected the best herbs and spices of the Mediterranean, avoiding sweeter spices over the more bitter ones. We macerated the spices directly into the wine once fermentation is completed.
Finally we sweeten the vermouth with must (grape juice) until we reach optimal levels. It is not like your classic spanish vermouth, red wine takes the protagonism and sweetness take a back seat.


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