Marfil sweet wine “molt dolç” (solera 2003)

Restored century old tradition …


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100 % Pansa Blanca


15,0 % vol.

Acidity (ATT)

7,6 g/l



Residual sugar

256 g/l

Alella Vinícola is the cellar whose wines have brought renown to the town of Alella since 1906. We currently produce, make and bottle wines and cavas in two designated origins,namely D.O. ALELLA and D.O. CAVA.
Like the cellar itself, most of the vineyards we use are located in the centre of the town of Alella, the heart of the designated origin, 15 kilometres to the north of the city of Barcelona. We market wines, rich wines,sweet wines and cavas under different brandnames, such as MARFIL, IVORI, VALLMORA and VIOLETA. Our wines are characterised by varieties typical of our designated origin.

In this wine, Pansa Blanca shows its most spectacular and original side and lives up to its name: “Pansa Blanca Raisin”. It is produced in specific years when the meteorology allows the bunches to become over ripe and to dry until the sugar concentrations are really high. This is a naturally sweet wine in which the yeasts cannot ferment all the grape’s sugars, and more than 250 g/l remain. The dehydration caused during the raisining concentrates of both sugars and acids and aromas, and leads to a beautifully coloured drink, with honey and caramel notes. The different years are combined through dynamic ageing in the form of “soleras and criaderas”. Very few bottles are produced per year to ensure the wine’s quality, exceptionality and ideal ageing. This is done directly from the “soleras”, with no type of clarifying or cold treatment that could alter the organoleptic characteristics. This is why, in these wines, we may find sediments that do not affect their quality.

Medium deep tawny colour with a copper hue. Intense nose, there´s still youthful fruit, crushed berries, floral notes, sweet plum, tobacco and dry spices. The palate is rather sweet with a high but integrated alcohol, I like the freshness underneath, well-balanced in a complex and mature style with good drinkability. (Andreas Larsson, 2018. Best Sommelier of the wolrd in 2007).

The ideal temperature for serving it is 13 ºC.

Recents awards:

Guía Peñín 2018: 92 p
Robert Parker 2014: 93 p
Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2018: 9,54 p
Andreas Larsson 2018: 90 p


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