Violeta red sweet wine (solera 2003)

Restored century old tradition…  Sweet red Grenache, unique!


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100% Red Grenache


15,0 % vol.

Acidity (ATT)

8,2 g/l



Residual sugar

252 g/l

Alella Vinícola is the cellar whose wines have brought renown to the town of Alella since 1906. We currently produce, make and bottle wines and cavas in two designated origins,namely D.O. ALELLA and D.O. CAVA.
Like the cellar itself, most of the vineyards we use are located in the centre of the town of Alella, the heart of the designated origin, 15 kilometres to the north of the city of Barcelona. We market wines, rich wines,sweet wines and cavas under different brandnames, such as MARFIL, IVORI, VALLMORA and VIOLETA. Our wines are characterised by varieties typical of our designated origin.

This is a wine made in Alella Vinícola since the beginning of the XXth century, known by the name of “Violeta”(Violet), the colour of the original bottle capsule. It is only made in years when Red Grenache reaches the proper ripeness for producing this such personal sweet red wine. Ageing is of an oxidative type in the form of “soleras and criaderas”, which ensures the organoleptic regularity with the passing of time. The different years are gradually put together thanks to the dynamic ageing, and, through the years, this wine acquires its own personality.

Very few bottles are produced per year to ensure the wine’s quality, exceptionality and ideal ageing. This is done directly from the “soleras”, with no type of clarifying or cold treatment that could alter its organoleptic characteristics. This is why, in these wines, we may find sediments that do not affect their quality in any way.

Deep ruby red colour. Some maturity with peppery and spicy dark fruit, plum and crushed berries with new oak, clove and vanilla. Warm, and dense palate, sweet, warm and rounded with notes of macerated berries, prune and gingerbread spices, and rounded but still refreshing tannin. Long, intense and sweet finish, very pleasant and warming with good balance. (Andreas Larsson, 2018. Best Sommelier of the wolrd in 2007).

The ideal temperature for serving it is around 13 º C.

Recents awards:

Guía Peñín 2018: 90 p
Robert Parker 2014: 93 p
Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2018: 9,42 p
Andreas Larsson 2018: 92 p


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